Handmade simple wedding dress making method

Wedding dress is the western-style dress worn by the bride at the wedding ceremony and banquet. The wedding dress can refer to the dress accessories worn on the body alone, and can also include the part of the head veil and holding flowers. The color and style of wedding dress depend on various factors, including culture, religion and fashion. Wedding dress from the West, different from the red - based traditional Chinese dress gown. The origin of a beautiful wedding dress, 7 big steps are short of one cannot!

1. The design

Staff of the design department design wedding dress style, weekly workload is to design a wedding dress or dress, every Friday afternoon in the regular meeting of the design department, designers will explain the design concept of wedding dress to the chief designer, wedding dress design inspiration and production should pay attention to the details. Not every design draft can be passed at a time, or paragraph of modification, or even several times to pass, and even to modify more than half a year.

2. The plate making

Seijin is a special seijin master to complete. Plate before can have communication with the designer, according to the requirements of designers and design drawings for plate making, a general version to finish, at about five hours after the plate-making specimens there will be a process, is the appearance of the plate after using trial fabric to do samples, and then on the above models inspection process if you have any questions, especially the new system for wedding dresses, General plate - making will be modified 1-3 times.

3. Cut out

When cutting, first the cutting master draws the line on the fabric according to the requirements of plate making, and then the cutting assistant assists to complete the cutting of the whole garment. Most of the vertical wedding dress cutting is the use of three-dimensional cutting, so as to achieve the three-dimensional effect of the wedding dress.

4. The sewing

The process of sewing is finished by lathe workers. Lathe technology to be skilled, walk the line is very exquisite, some side is the car 1cm, some side to the car 3cm, some to go straight, with a ruler can not have a little deflection, some to walk the arc, radian to round. The working process of excellence is the premise of the birth of a high-grade wedding dress.

5. The whole hot

The whole wedding dress after the completion of the lathe, began on the ironing table for the ironing finalization. The ironing table and the machines on the ironing table are professional tools, and the ironing table used for different clothes is different. The ironing process is also very important. Different fabrics should be used at different temperatures. When ironing, the texture of the fabric and the overall effect of the whole garment should be taken into account.

6, decoration

After the wedding dress ironing, the craftsmanship master began to carry out the manual production behind. For example: drill, bead piece, handmade flower waits for adornment job.

7, sewing beads

Handicraft master makes according to the flower and matches good decoration, began to adorn this wedding dress. The price of wedding dress is high and low, can see from the circumstance of manual quantity. A high-grade wedding dress, after integral effect comes out, want to rely on fine manual to finish, such a beautiful wedding dress was completed.

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