When did Chinese wedding dress start to rise

1 white wedding dress as a bride in the wedding ceremony or wedding banquet on the common dress, at first was introduced into our country from the West. Before the May 4th Movement, Chinese people still advocated red in marriage, and white clothes were absolutely forbidden. In the traditional wedding dress, the phoenix coronet and robes of rank were the most commonly used. By the beginning of the last century, white wedding dress began to appear in China, and gradually into the Chinese wedding culture, and in some big cities in Shanghai began to wear white wedding dress, and become a fashion. In the 1950s, due to historical reasons, there was a fault line in wedding dresses. For young couples, the bride preferred to wear a lapel shirt while the groom wore a Mao suit. In the 1980s, white wedding dress appeared again, banned the classic cheongsam, and has continued to this day.
2 white serves as the mainstream in wedding dress color, having its deep historical root. In the feudal period of China, women's status was low, so people attached great importance to women's chastity. Girls were required to keep their body like jade before marriage, which reflected the color of the bride's wedding dress. Some places even stipulate that white wedding dress is a girl's patent, if is remarried or has lost the virginity of the woman is not allowed to wear white wedding dress. People believe that a bride should be the purest and most beautiful on her wedding day, and white is the only color that can match her.
3 as the progress of the society, all kinds of wedding color appears in succession, brides hold wedding boldly put on the wedding dress of all kinds of color, different color fully reflects the bride's different character, make the bride in this special day the brilliance of the extra.

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