What do wedding photos include

Wedding photos, of course, is wearing a wedding dress to take photos. Hehe, every bride will want to wear a wedding dress, right? It's a good idea to keep your most beautiful appearance forever. When we talk about wedding photos, we generally mean to go to professional studios, wear the wedding dress and gowns provided by them, let professional photographers and makeup artists dress themselves, edit and design the generated photos, and finally get the exquisite album and other souvenirs. ? Photos contain something with more, generally speaking, according to the photos don't wear a suit, the bride with white yarn is divided into two, indoor and outdoor evening dress is also varied, we take some ancient costume will generally pay attention to the traditional Chinese, so it is at least 4 sets, and their prepared clothes ah, fashion class ah, and so on. Because of the change of clothing, there are also great changes in styling, so makeup modeling is also a very important aspect. Dressing will take photos, in the studio, in the location, now generally choose some location photos, more natural, so the time to take photos will be dragged out for a long time, to have the psychological preparation. In short, there are still some work after taking the photos, such as choosing the photos, and continuing to discuss which photos will be selected into the album, and so on. These post work is also a very important round for the studio to compete with you, because all the things outside the set you have selected will cost money!! Finally is take slice, this is perhaps the most let people happiness of one step, you look at the open mouth, ha ha ha laugh in the studio are slices of ~ ~ the place on put together is narrated, wedding photos including clothing, makeup modelling, photography, later period main aspects and so on, in the process of various odds and ends, such as checking beforehand choice studio, pre-selected clothing, Bring your own stuff, and so on.

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