Which fabrics are used in the wedding dress

If style is clothing appearance, then fabric is the soul of clothing.
The difference of fabric directly determines the quality of wedding dress, its height, therefore, the choice of wedding dress style is important, the choice of wedding fabric is more important.
The fabric that makes wedding gowns at present basically has satin, thick forge, bright forge, lace, crystal gauze, gauze of European root, grid to wait. The same kind of fabric has the difference of import and domestic, import and Eurasia and other countries.

Wedding fabric classification detail
1. Satin series: can well reflect the maturity and elegance of women
A good satin should have a soft gloss, a bony feel, enough weight and a strong support. In this way, both as a lining and face, it can perfectly support the inherent shape of the skirt.
This kind of simple sense that has weight also won't make integral wedding dress looks to have very light feeling. Therefore, on the first impression will be reflected in its own very luxurious feeling.

Suggestion: the products of satin series, generally a layer of imported 395 thick forging and a layer of lining can achieve very good results. If coupled with better braces, it will be more perfect and beautiful.
Fabric features: the most commonly used wedding fabric. Thick texture, good draping weight sense, strong warmth preservation, suitable for spring, autumn and winter wedding selection.
Suitable for style: more suitable for focusing on the sense of line A word and fish tail style wedding dress, can express the grand sense. The wedding dress that takes pearlescent feeling of palace type or large trailing tail design is also commonly used thick satin to make.

Rough price: have home-made and the cent of import, home-made fabric makes simple design to be in 1000 yuan or so roughly, price is in the middle, import fabric is slightly expensive.
(1) 365 Satin (2) 375 Satin (3) 395 Satin (4) 4810 Satin
The above 4 kinds are common satin fabrics, according to the 395 satin to 4810 satin in order to increase the weight of grams, drapery enhanced, gloss reduced. 395 damask weighs 30-35 g/m2 more than 365 damask. In summary, 395 is more appropriate in the weight of vertical gloss, so generally as the first choice of wedding fabric, is also the most common. This classification is more academic, the rest like domestic satin, imported satin, Italian satin, matte satin, bright satin, imitation silk satin are rough terms or derived from synthetic fabrics, aliases, etc.
2. Yarn series: it is youthful, lively and elegant
Suggestion: When choosing yarn series, do not choose products with four layers of yarn under the condition of economic ability. Because layer number is too little, will make wedding dress looks dry, listless, not quite solid, fleeciness, cannot reflect gauze qualitative fabric at all lightsome, romantic, the feeling that is full of fantasy.

Fabric features: various uses, can be used to do the main fabric, can also be used as accessories to apply in local, soft and elegant texture, can show the romantic hazy beauty, all kinds of seasons are applicable.
Suit design: the cascading design of apply colours to a drawing atmosphere, princess model palace design. Can also be used in a large area alone in the long tail of the wedding dress, if it is tight style, can be used as a simple gauze cover in the main fabric.
Rough price: according to the different texture, the price is also a gap, imported organza price is relatively high, the overall price is medium, ordinary domestic yarn quality, such as glass yarn, etc.

(1) Crystal yarn: the texture is hard, the transparency is good, the weight is light and thin.
(2) Pearl gauze: bright, colorful, feel soft and elegant, suitable for lively, petite, princess type bride.
(3) taffeta: characterized by light and slippery, easy to print water or wood patterns and other dark patterns on the fabric, suitable for summer and autumn wear.
(4) Snow yarn: it feels delicate and smooth, with low transmittance, and is mostly used to dye bright colors to make exotic dresses.
(5) ice yarn: the mesh is thick and dense, uniform reflection, moderate hardness, and is mostly used as a cover yarn to cover the main fabric.
(6) scarf yarn: also known as mesh yarn, as the name implies, is generally the main material for head yarn.
(7) organza: relatively light and elegant, very thin and transparent, slightly stiff feel, suitable for the material of the silhouette. The price of imported organza is much higher than that of domestic ones, and it is mostly used for higher grade wedding dresses or foreign trade wedding dresses.
(8) chiffon (georgette) : the fabric is light, elegant, with the flexibility of silk, and the characteristics of light and thin, soft to the touch, looks fresh and cool, more suitable for summer wear.
There are many kinds of yarn, and the classification method is different. The general classification method of textile industry is to classify the fiber and the way of weaving. Because here basically introduces the knowledge of wedding fabric, enumerate the common yarn in the wedding fabric to give the reader a basic concept.
3. Pure silk series:

Fabric features: have a distinctive gloss, light texture, feel soft and smooth, with the most natural noble breath, and chiffon fabrics are the first choice of summer wedding fabrics.
Suitable for style: both suitable for simple and fashionable straight or fish tail style (of course, higher requirements for the figure), also suitable for Greek straight wedding dress or simple palace decoration.
4, Lace series: beautiful design, unique technology, after fine processing, patterns and patterns have a slight convex effect, the touch is soft.

Fabric characteristic: lace is used as auxiliary material originally, having the luxury feeling of exquisite and elaborate and the idiocy that reflects romantic breath, the frequency that uses as main material rises at present.
Suitable for style: generally used in straight body or with a small trailing style, cover on other fabrics, can show the bride's exquisite figure, if used as accessories, any style can be used.

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