Wedding dress stores pay attention to requirements

1. Professional Wedding Dress Store:
So location, supply,Location and knowledge of clothing are important
Positioning is the wedding dress is expensive have cheap, expensive have expensive selling method, cheap have cheap selling method, see you are positioned in the face of which customer group
Location and supply will have a relationship with the positioning, if you want to sell cheap, to win by volume, it is natural to go to a place where everyone knows more about selling wedding dress, the supply of goods to cheap and affordable, the volume of sales is mainly.
If the location is in high grade, the location will be some high grade office buildings, or high grade stores, more investment capital, advertising to do more, the supply of goods is biased to high grade, export and other wedding dress, the price is high profit is high, but the sales volume is relatively less. So it's all about positioning

2. Wedding photography studio
Specific configuration I can give you some advice, if you have a professional photography mall that everything is easy to say, if not only to go to the field to buy equipment, do not go online mail order, because the line of equipment is more valuable. Here are some specific buying tips:
1, camera, suggest to buy Fuji S5pro, it's almost become the machine of special studio portraits, imaging colour is gorgeous, pixels high enough, can satisfy the need of all late amplification, and of course to a wall so big pictures of affirmation is not line, that is must be equipped with 120 machines, but early is necessary, such investment is too big. The fuselage uses S5PRO + lens for 85/1.4D, fixed focus
50 mm / 1.4 D fixed focus. 28-105 zoom, these three general shooting can be satisfied, the body or choose Canon 40D+24-105/4L, Nikon D300+18-200VR, you can choose Canon 5D+24-105/4L for more money, these sets can be determined according to the money, the lowest set is more than 10,000 yuan. This is the hardware requirement
2, high configuration computer - post-processing pictures with
3, photo class template
4. Professional photographers
5. Handmade album
6, storefront - must choose the place where the personal flow is large or the place where the residential area is many, the new residential area is given priority, the married person will not choose the old house to buy it ~
7, shadow room lamp - if money is abundant, you can buy a set of domestic big brand lights, the recommended choice: U2, golden shell, light treasure, generally 4 lights are enough, a 600 watts three 400 watts, a main lamp two auxiliary lights, a backlight lamp. You can also choose 400 watts and three 300 watts, depending on the size of your house and your financial ability to decide how many lights and watts to choose
8. Purchase of makeup artists and cosmetics
9. Interior decoration
10, the shooting of the sample - sample is very important, must be carefully to shoot a set of high-quality sample.
11, the purchase of other props, such as clothes, tables and chairs, some of the available props in the shooting to increase the atmosphere of the photo can be bought some.

In general, the need for these, the other will need you to find out slowly in the operation, and finally I wish a prosperous business.

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