What kinds of styles are there in wedding photos?

1, studio pure interior wedding shooting

This kind of wedding photography is the most traditional way, that is, in the professional wedding studio, by the professional makeup photographer in front of the indoor artificial background to take wedding photos, the price is about 2500~5000 yuan.

This kind of wedding photos on the same day can be all done, and the biggest advantage of the wedding studio interior is makeup, lighting can be done in place, can put your beautiful advantages all highlighted, at the same time your beautiful and can put the monotonous indoor background pressure in the past, the cost performance is the highest.

Take note if you choose this style: the interior is mostly about people and clothes, which is relatively monotonous. So pick the wedding photo studio as long as the most beautiful clothes and accessories can be, if there is a stylist, you can also repeatedly and stylist to discuss the most fashionable modeling program, so that the effect of the wedding photos to achieve the ideal state.

2, honeymoon travel all outdoor wedding photos

For the higher requirements of the new couple, they will choose a bit far away from the beautiful scenery to take wedding photos. There is no better way to enjoy a honeymoon than to capture the best moments in a natural location with the best scenery. However, this kind of wedding photography is relatively high in capital investment. The most popular honeymoon locations in China are in Hainan, Yunnan, Xizang, Sichuan and so on.

The honeymoon travel type of whole outdoor wedding is the highest cost, how to also want ten thousand yuan of above. With a group of photographers and makeup artists, filming while traveling, feeding people on horses, plus the cost of traveling back and forth, it's impossible to spend less. However, if you are planning a honeymoon trip, the wedding photos and the honeymoon together, so that the cost is not lost.

Choose the sisters of this style should pay attention to: this pure outdoor wedding according to the light is more natural light, the actual operation of the photographer and makeup artist is relatively high, and it is easy to be affected by the climate, it is best to do all the preparatory work in advance.

3. Combine interior and exterior scenery

This night is the most mainstream way of wedding photography, with the rise of wedding photography studios, outdoor wedding photos gradually became the mainstream trend. Now whether it is a professional wedding photo studio or photography studio, basically using the combination of interior and exterior, by professional makeup photographer in the indoor artificial background before shooting, as well as part of the city or suburban outdoor shooting, the price is a little more expensive than a simple indoor wedding photos.

The biggest advantage of being on location is that your demeanor will become very natural and lovely, with beautiful scenery as a foil. Outside space is large, but also give the photographer a great space to help you avoid defects, in addition to the lens of the use of long scene, you will be integrated into the most beautiful scenery, artistic conception of the wedding photos will be natural and stand out from the crowd, this is the reason to match people with the scene.

Choose this style of sisters should pay attention to: want to add a distinctive personality for their wedding photos, you can match some personal art photo, change some couples dress, less some big close-up, so you can add a lot of effect.

4. DIY yourself

Wedding photo DIY is to plan their own, buy their own wedding dress, ask friends to do makeup artists, photographers and even lighting division to shoot, and then find a post-production company to PS, output, and finally make photo albums and other post-production products.

Take your own wedding photos can fully enjoy the fun of wedding photography, and the cost is the least, generally 1200 yuan can be all done.

Note to those opting for this style: While the DIY process may be fun, the end result is usually not good, so if you are not an artist, you should not try it.

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